Signature Looks 2.0

What a success that was – our first collection, the first TAILOR’S Signature Looks. Our team of Grooming Masters really nailed it and brought the essence of what the most awesome Grooming Brand in this part of the Galaxy is all about into images and much more important, into accessible techniques that you can use every day in the heart of your salon or barber shop. So the question was: How can we follow-up? How can we make the phatest looks even better? This is when we sat down with our Grooming Masters, grabbed a beer and mixed a nice TAILOR’S Gin Tonic and brainstormed like a boss! The result: The TAILOR’S Signature Looks 2.0. Just as with the selective enhancements that we applied to our exquisite product line we took the best of our outstanding craftsmanship and developed it into brand new looks for all you TAILOR’S mates and your clients out there on your barber chair. You will find well structured, voluminous and smooth styles but this time with an urban twist and the approach to cover the full scale of masculine state-of-the-art looks! Enjoy the sophisticated techniques, try them on real men’s hair and experience how handsome a tailormade style will make you look like with TAILOR’S – ONLY for REAL men